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What is Impact of Technology on Fashion Designing Courses?

Fashion Design

Technology has become an integral part of every profession, including a creative one like fashion design. Thus, being merely creative doesn’t suffice for a contemporary fashion designer. They must develop techno-creative skills that help them blend technological abilities with creative capabilities to deliver quicker and better products.

But that’s not it. Technology has penetrated fashion sales, marketing, and branding as well, thus making it an inseparable and significant part of the global fashion ecosystem. The growth of technology in fashion has impacted fashion design courses as well. Let’s examine a few technologies imperative for students to be well-versed with.

Advanced Technology Shaping the Future of Fashion

Advanced Technology Shaping the Future of Fashion

The use of technology refers to a competitive advantage that helps fashion designers enhance finesse and deliver designs and make revisions quickly. Unlike the yesteryears when everything was manual and time-consuming, today, most aspects of the fashion industry have become technology-driven and quick. Here are a few widely used technologies in the fashion design profession.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

CAD is one of the most crucial skills that fashion design students should possess. CAD allows students to see and compare traditional fabrics and use various design techniques. While saving time, it also helps minimize the chances of errors. Besides, it reduces the need for and the effort involved in manual sketching, pattern-making, flat drawing, etc. Along with saving time, CAD helps increase the design output, allowing students to experiment with colors and create complex designs.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

3D Printing and Social Media Platform-Based Consumer Behavior

Social media isn’t merely a medium to connect with people anymore. It has become a business playground where businesses compete and leverage the space through content and influencers to drive people’s preferences and buying decisions. Fashion design institutes and colleges must continuously communicate with students to shape more advanced and consumer-oriented designs.

3D printing is another significant area within the fashion design realm. Students should focus on the latest digital printing technology and the most recent developments within that space. But a little knowledge and understanding of traditional screen printing can also help and enhance the student’s overall comprehension of the fashion sector.

Dressing Your Digital Self

Fashion Design

Consumers can now dress and see how they look in attire without physically wearing it! Yes. That’s possible with AR (Augmented Reality)/VR (Virtual Reality). These technologies have only begun their journey in the fashion world. But they’ve already created a lot of buzz. AR/VR offers enhanced customer experiences and expedites the buying decision-making process. Accordingly, this is another technology that fashion design students should be aware of.

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