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Summary of Fashion Design Schools vs. Online Courses

  • Fashion Design Degree: Classroom Course vs. Online Course
  • Pros and Cons of Classroom Fashion Design Courses and Online Fashion Design Courses
  • What Fashion Design Schools Offer?
  • Classroom Fashion Design Course or Online Course: What to Choose?

Are you aspiring to become a fashion designer but unable to choose between a brick-and-mortar fashion design school and an online fashion design course? OK. Learning in a fashion design school has its unique benefits and so does attending an online course. But before we conclude whether it is worth going to a fashion design school or pursuing an online course, let’s weigh both and try to find out what’s right in a particular context.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design Degree: Classroom Course vs. Online Course

Let’s gauge both options based on various parameters for better clarity.

Learning Environment

Whether you learn engineering or take up accounting, the learning environment matters and impacts your mindset. Fashion design isn’t an exception to it. Classrooms are designed to stimulate the learning mood. In the case of online courses, you are required to make an extra effort to focus on learning, especially if you have commotion around. Hence, when it comes to the learning environment, classroom fashion design courses surely score a point.

Study Focus

Again, the environment matters. Learning fashion design in a classroom setup involves focusing on studies for a particular number of hours. You don’t think of anything else during those hours but focus on studying. However, while studying online, you may have various distractions disallowing you from focusing on your studies. Besides, impediments like internet reception, etc., may further contribute to learning roadblocks.

Practical Exposure

Practical exposure is another area where classroom fashion design courses score another point. Fashion design is a highly tactical area, where you are required to learn various skills like designing, stitching, etc. In most cases, the institute itself offers all the learning infrastructure. But when it comes to online fashion design courses, you will have to buy a machine and other equipments required to learn designing and various practical skills.


Now, this is where online fashion design courses gain the upper hand. And probably, it is one of the most significant aspects driving many people towards learning fashion design online. Fashion design courses conducted online could either be attended live or through a recording. So that allows the learner to select a convenient time for learning. That might not necessarily be the case with classroom sessions where the schedule is usually fixed and rigid. Although yes, some fashion design institutes offer multiple batches.


Speaking of expenses, online fashion design courses eliminate commuting expenses. Besides, students also save a lot of time otherwise spent travelling. However, as mentioned earlier, one cannot discount the expenses a student will incur in buying fashion design equipment to learn fashion design at home. If they already have it, great. But if not, buying it is the only alternative! Classroom fashion design courses will incur commuting expenses. However, providing infrastructure remains the institute’s responsibility.


Online fashion design courses cannot beat classroom fashion design courses in this area. Even today, meeting people in person proves much more effective than interacting with them online. Accordingly, classroom fashion design courses help build a better and broader network than online courses where people usually do not get to interact as much or as effectively.

Pros and Cons of Classroom Fashion Design Courses and Online Fashion Design Courses

Let’s look at the benefits and the flip side of both classroom and online fashion design courses for a better understanding.

Pros and Cons of Classroom Fashion Design Courses

Pros and Cons of Classroom Fashion Design Courses


  • More effective learning through practical exposure
  • In-person interactions and doubt clarifications with the trainer
  • Extensive networking opportunities
  • Better focus on learning and self-development
  • Extensive industry exposure


  • Inflexible batch schedules
  • Hours of commuting time and thousands of rupees spent travelling
  • Online Fashion Design Courses – Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of online Fashion Design Courses


  • Higher learning flexibility
  • Convenient remote learning
  • Ability to reach rural areas
  • Considerable savings in commuting time and costs


  • Lesser practical exposure
  • Loss of networking opportunities
  • Absence of industry exposure
  • Fewer opportunities for personalised faculty interactions
  • Lesser industry exposure
Pros and Cons of Online Fashion Design Courses

What Fashion Design Schools Offer?

Fashion design schools like NIFD Global Kothrud with a market reputation and a responsibility to keep up with, offers a comprehensive proposition to its students. It includes but isn’t limited to the following.

  • Abundant domestic and international industrial exposure
  • Opportunity to participate in industry events ,workshops and seminars
  • Interactions with celebrity fashion designers
  • In-person sessions with industry stalwarts and mentors
  • An updated course curriculum
  • Trained faculty members
  • Access to the latest fashion design technology and tools
  • Chance to grow and evolve as a fashion design professional and entrepreneur

Classroom Fashion Design Course or Online Course: What to Choose?

So, what to choose between a classroom fashion design course and an online fashion design course ? A classroom course emerges as a podium winner, especially considering its long-term benefits.

However, one cannot discount the revolution brought by online education either. Factors like remote learning, eliminating the need to travel to cities and spend time and money commuting, flexibility, etc., surely position online courses as a prominent option.

But if you think from the long-term perspective, pursuing a classroom course will prove more advantageous. So yes, it is undoubtedly worth going to a fashion design college, provided it is responsible, concerned and equipped with everything to transform you into a competent and dynamic fashion design professional.

Connect with NIFD Pune Kothrud if you are looking for a fashion design college in Pune. Call us at +91 9205290939 to learn more about our fashion design courses and offerings. You would also like: What is the difference between NIFD Kothrud and other Fashion Designing Institutes?

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